Open Zone for Culture Lazarz district – POZNAN

The ‘Open Cultural Area’ is an umbrella program to support the revitalisation of the Lazarz district.

In particular it facilitates access to artists and cultural creatives to small vacant spaces in the area. The aim of this program is to host more art and cultural initiatives able to offer participative organization of workshops, courses, artistic activities for all ages from kids to adults or seniors. In doing so, it regenerates a positive social atmosphere in the neighbourhood.

Lazarz’s Open Zone for Culture is a project of regeneration, to create a cultural district and improve the quality of public spaces. It seeks  to develop the potential of Lazaz’s initiatives and activate citizens to foster creative use of vacant space, renew neglected space and create accessible culture. The Open Zone for Culture is promoting temporary use of vacant spaces as a way of regenerating the city through the promotion of culture.

Perfex is an emblematic example of an active player of the Open Zone for Culture. It’s an informal cultural centre organizing performance, exhibition, concerts, open computer festival, coffee place aiming at mixed audience including local population and amateurs of culture and art.


It is also renting some small spaces for individual artists and acts as a cultural incubator.




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