Field Visit Ghent

On Thursday and Friday 10-11 December, URBACT Lead Expert François Jégou visited Ghent to discover and discuss the various initiatives on temporary use.

We went on a cycling trip along different projects, for instance:

  • DE STADSTUIN: community gardens on a strip of fallow land awaiting development
  • DOK: a temporary wharf spot for leisure and creative manoeuvres at the old harbor docks
  • DE GRINDBAKKEN: a row of concrete gravel tanks transformed into an original meeting area
  • LEDEBERG DOET HET ZELF: a former DIY shop turned into neighbourhood meeting spot
  • IN DE RUIMTE: vacant storazge space of a social housing company became an underground exposition space and workshops putting emphasis on the artisits, art, music, youth and the diversity in the neighbourhood
  • DE PASTORIE: an abandoned vicarage to be converted in a meetingplace for the neighborhood
  • TRAVAK: shop-up, pop-up shops in during
  • GOUVERNEMENT: a run-down premise got upcycled to an artistic workcenter and cultural platform
  • DE SITE: playing, meeting and gardening in the Rabot district
  • NIEUWE LAND: empty warehouses gave room to an artistic glass workshop, a youth counceling service and a creative collective on music and urban culture

For a visual impression, take a look at the picture album of the field visit on Flickr, or watch the two-minute aftermovie:


Field Visit Gent - the movie


For more initiatives on temporary use, take a look at the city website.


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