Reflections on REFILL

On the second day of the REFILL final meeting in Ghent, Charlot Schans from New Europe – Cities in Transition presented her reflections on temporary use, the role of city makers, and the conditions for achieving sustaining benefits from temporary use.


The benefits of temporary use according to Amsterdam experience are compatible with REFILL partners experiments: lowering maintenance costs and/or giving financial gains, reviving neighbourhoods, redevelopment potential, as well as intangible ones like experiment with co-creation and tools to accommodate innovation.

Cases from Amsterdam and other cities cooperating with New Europe allow to list conditions for effective temporary use. Such list includes: clarity of duration, 3-5 years contracts minimum, opportunities to prolong or buy the property, lowering marker value, access to funding, lowering market value, limiting bureaucracy, infrastructure to exchange know-how and practice.

Special attention was drawn to value creation (planning benefits, baseline measure, integrated measurement schemes and instruments) and vacant property manager/public developer (independent brokerage) briding top-down and bottom-up. Charlot mentioned similarity in this approach to Ghent, Bremmen and Riga. Charlot underlined also the new role of government officials (civil servant 2.0) and difference between citizens participation and consultation.


The synthesis ended with a discussion on the necessity of framing initiatives, influencing shift of officials approach by temporary use, added value for neighborhood managers and role of TU (tool not aim). Conclusion: the network of city makers is already big and its still growing!


Agnieszka Osipiuk – City of Poznan


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