From local vegetables concept to food as a city strategy

The second day of REFILL meeting  in Amersfoort was  a great occasion to discover the surroundings of De Nieuwe Stad. It’s a centrally located creative district, in a former glue factory and also a pop-up music hall. On the same spot, you can also find Het Lokaal, a shop with fresh food from local suppliers and multifunctional restaurant, where you can eat or organize a nice food relating meeting.

Tasting  freshly ground coffee, chocolate or some local  “broodjes”, buying fruits, vegetables, fish (delicious Dutch young herring), meat, diary products and other  or just having a talk with Cor Holtackers, entrepreneur and expert food safety and policy, participating in several food projects (Urbact project including).  He can tell you about impact of shorting  food chain on local economy. You can also see in practice how to combine idea of recycling with running a food business.

Het Lokaal - facebook 2

Development of such a place is a matter of cooperation in fact: with local suppliers, with inhabitants firstly attract to idea by crowdfunding  concept and now coming for shopping and having a meal, with  the city administration supporting Het Lokaal by decreasing a rent and finally with other initiatives open for new  area of cooperation (urban gardens, distribution companies, organizers of workshops on food and others).

Food supply, especially healthy and in moderate price is a matter of great significance in modern cities. It could be an important impulse for further development of De Nieuwe Stad. Seeing in practice how one of the URBACT project could be developed and be so important for the people is a wonderful experience! Let’s do the same with REFILL!


Blogpost by Agnieszka Osipiuk and Natalia Madajczyk from REFILL partner city Poznań



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