Malta Festival Poznan

REFILL Poznan in action

Temporary use is high on the agenda in Poznań. Our REFILL partner, the City of Poznań, is very actively spreading the word. Malta Festival, Biennale of Vacant Spaces, or Poznań Design Days, we were there!

Malta Festival: debate and exhibition

Malta Festival is a combination of huge concerts of international stars with experimental shows, small projects in the city space, festival clubs, pop-up restaurant, workshops. Fusion of these elements which for more than 20 years has been a melting pot of traditions, themes and forms. The common element of various narrations is the desire to understand the modern world through art. The theme of this year’s Malta Festival was “The spectator”. The act of looking establishes a relationship with the world. Once we see something we cannot go back. The socio-artistic program of Malta Festival is mostly concentrated on public space, especially community and urban gardens.

All festival events are organized in different parts of the city with the main location situated at the Liberty Square which – in a sense –is temporary used by festival participants. Every year there is a place for forum discussions with philosophers, sociologists, artists, activists, researchers and regular inhabitants.

This year’s discussion at the Liberty Square focused also on vacancy. The debate “THE CITY. VACANT BUILDINGS. ACTOR, WITNESS, SPECTATOR.” had local REFILL project manager Agnieszka Osipiuk, besides achitecture researcher Szymon Zydek and Paulina Grebosz from Fix Your City Foundation in the panel.

How much is a vacancy in Poznan? What are the good practices of the interim management? What role can the city council play in these processes? These and other questions were asked during debate. Debate was great occasion to tell about implementing REFILL project by City of Poznań and about cooperation on vacancy on European level. After the debate, a mobile exhibition of best practices from REFILL partners was presented and was available for wide public for the entire week after. It will be accompanying the next meetings of the Local Urbact Group in Poznań. The exhibition wasdesigned and prepared by young designers from School of Form in Poznań: Samanta Walczewska and Oliwia Przybyła.

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Biennale of vacant spaces: workshop  

The project involves interdisciplinary work on vacant spaces in the center of three Polish cities: Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Warsaw. Such a choice was made because of the differences in the cities size, culture, social issues, architecture. These cities have their own characteristics. What unites them is the spatial potential. Different phases of the workshops include: field studies, workshop, meetings with different stakeholders  of vacancy, visual development of  ideas, public presentation of ideas, implementation of selected concepts, publication of the results on the project website.

The Poznan  edition of workshop coincided and interlocked with the Malta Festival and lasted for 1.5 weeks.

Vacant Spaces Biennale Poznan 1

During the three editions of workshops the idea of future Vacant Spaces Biennale will be prepared and developed. Author of the conception of Biennale and organiser  of workshops in 3 cities is Martyna Ciszewska, landscape architect and social animator, winner of the grant dedicated to vacant space from the Polish Minister of  Culture and National Heritage.

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Poznań Design Days: presentations

Poznań Design Days 2016 was the third edition of the festival of design organised in Poznań by the Foundation of Poznań University of Arts. Its main theme was “Public space” and this year’s edition lasted from 6 till 14 May. Festival activities were organized in the city centre and focused on social, cultural, esthetic, functional and spatial aspects of municipal space. Participant tried to answer the question on how to design modern public space to make them egalitarian and to answer citizens needs and expectations.

Representatives of Poznań REFILL team were asked to give short presentation on the REFILL project and about Local URBACT Group to the audience of the film “Life Between Buildings” by Tobias Lau.

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