Wagenwerkplaats Amersfoort

Making the complicated awesomely simple, means creativity!” and that’s how a bunch of creative and inspired people managed to find the right function for a vacant former industrial building.

Atelier 300c, the place where ART and other businesses meet is one amazing example of creative usage of an abandoned space. Owned by NS Railway Company, part of this historical and monumental building is rented by some contemporary artists and functions as an art gallery with different exhibitions, working spaces for artistic ateliers, and gathers numerous events and parties.

Although the place is not centrally-located, but easily accessible, the rental is quite expensive. Even though, the temporary-users found a way to cover it by hosting different additional activities and events. With a fresh new approach, the two-storey building has been recovered and multi-used, combining the main artistic activities with other related businesses (restaurant and other home facilities).

In order to make it sustainable, we really needed to find solutions to provide our own money and invest them into our business in order to make it grow” said Simone, one of the former founders of this inspiring and brave initiative.

wagenwerkplaats amersfoort 2

This creative and interactive rehabilitation of space is a great source of inspiration for the REFILL Network which gathered there for the last meeting in Amersfoort.

The Saying-Goodbye party has therefore been animated by the cozy and pleasant atmosphere, artistic environment and the wonderful people who made our staying in Amersfoort really delightful and thrilling!


Article by Miruna Draghia from REFILL partner Cluj (Romania)

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