The creative reactivation of the Someș river shores in Cluj-Napoca

It’s not only that the city is half empty or half full, the point is that the city is refillable!” That’s how Cluj Capital of Culture 2021 Association piloted a creative reactivation of Someș Lake shore. This attractive urban happening succeeded to get people outside their cosy homes through a series of amenities and animation events with the obvious aim at returning the city to the river that crosses by.

Within this short-temp temporary use of a public space, it was time for the Cluj community to rediscover the river that gives life to their city through a series of activities which turned the area into a meeting place, a space for relaxation and creation, a promenade area, as well as a stage for fruitful and constructive discussions. Accompanied by good music, workshops, board games, debates, various sports competitions, a pool party and contests with humanitarian purposes, citizens gained a very authentic and entertaining experience of Someș River.


Even through a short-temp temporary intervention, Cluj associations and initiatives (Urbannect, Urban Scene, Rotaract Club, Someș Delivery, ALTART, Jazz in the park, Coolturban) found an inventive approach to re-using a vacant space in order to raise awareness about the importance and necessity of the city to assume its spaces and transform them into areas suitable for temporary-use.

The event was held under the campaign for the European Capital of Culture in 2021, and was supported by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County Council, Transylvania Bank, Ursus and Carmangeria Moldovan.

Find more information and pictures about Someș Delivery and its events @ Somes2021.


This post was written by Miruna Draghia from Urbasofia

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