Turnul Pompierilor: from defence to masterplan

The tower’s history in a nutshell

In 16th centaury in Cluj was built a defensive wall supplemented with 20 towers. Only two of them remained until present times. One of them is Firemen’s Tower. For about 100 years it was supporting city in spotting the fires. Later, it became an unused, devastated and forgotten place. From 1997 to 2010, the tower was under the care of the National Federation of Firefighters, who opened a Museum of Firefighters. In 2010 the tower was returned under the care of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall. And new period for tower has started…

Lighthouse, romantic photo and acoustic music sessions

In 2015 in the frame of the ‘European Youth Capital’ programme, Day 15 event, the Firemen’s Tower was illuminated as a lighthouse and reopened for one day to the public offering exhibitions at all 6 the floors. The viewpoint at the top of the tower, presenting a splendid panorama of Cluj-Napoca, makes a great impression on every visitor. The REFILL team can confirm it! The tower also offers other possibilities like photo sessions or acoustic music concerts.

Next level

The ambitions of the city are however much higher. Turnul Pompierilor can be the first step to create a masterplan of urban regeneration for the city center.

Dan Clinci, architect, president and co-fouder of Urbannect, lists possible purposes of the tower: virtual museum, small café, spiral museum… Dan is involved in open competition for a new idea for the tower. The competition should give answers to questions as: How to carry out interesting things in the tower space? How to combine the medieval part of the building with modern facilities? How to access the tower, especially the top of it?


Text and pictures by Agnieszka Osipiuk from the City of Poznań

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