Teurostamo area, Helsinki

Teurostamo area (to the flank of Kalasatama) is a recent development of urban area, where an old slaughter house (1933 -1992) has been turned into a creative and entrepreneurial environment. The new Teurastamo opened in September 2012. The site is owned by Helsinki City Municipality and rented by multiple tenant enterprises that are clustered around the idea of forming a centre for food and gastronomical development of Finnish cuisine. It includes a restaurant “Kellohalli” – a daily open kitchen resaurant, “Flavour studio” – a cooking class, Coffee roasting, Distillery house, Pasta factory, Soup factory, Book store, etc. The courtyard of Teurastamo is the heart of the area where different type of events are organised – mainly during summer time – municipal open air activities, weddings, private parties, a food market with urban farmers, events with musicians, food trucks, runway shows, ….

Teurostamo area is an example of urban development by changing the initial purpose of use towards a more modern city inhabitant-oriented approach. It wants to evolve their activities in a praticipative way and calls the neighbours and citizens to bring new ideas, and new initiatives.


Blog post by Mārtiņš Ozers from Riga



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