Our first REFILL magazine is out!

That’s right. Thanks to Christophe Gouache and Sharon Ambrosio, we’re doing in magazines now, not in reports. But why?

Reports often have the unfortunate tendency to finish quickly their lives in forgotten drawers. Reports are also mainly read by reports-readers and don’t reach broader audiences. Finally, reports tend to assume that communication is mainly based on written linear language contrasting with nowadays explosion of interactive visual information.

This thematic magazine is a tentative chimera, an attempt to turn upside-down reports’ contradictions listed above: it is a temporary media that may last longer than a magazine. It is welcoming and addressing a large range of readers including reports-readers. It focuses on a thematic issue like a magazine special edition offering multiple
entry points, technical content, lessons learned, insights for cities but also stories, testimonies,  experiences and pictures to flip through!

We hope you will enjoy it. And if you do, don’t spare your pleasure, as we will publish 6 such thematic magazines along the REFILL project!

Oh, almost forgotten, in case you’re in for the articles instead of the pictures, this first report is all about fitting the temporary use in the legal framework.

Download a pdf version of the magazine right here.

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