Summer in Cluj: ULG activities and temperatures peaking

Although summer in Romania is quite sweltering, the REFILL local group in Cluj-Napoca is still very active. Due to the high number of summer leaves, we were pleasantly surprised by the emerging energy that gathered around the catchy topic of temporary use.

H33 ULG1

Gathered around a roundtable in a more non-conventional space, ULG members were very keen to engage in productive discussions and debates. The meeting was focused on collecting ideas and inputs for the Integrated Action Plan for Cluj-Napoca. Discussions on the specificities of the local context regarding temporary use were combined with an in-depth visit of the H33 space, which has been freshly reactivated by the creativity of the URBANNECT team.


Dan Clinci,  REFILL local roup member and president of URBANNECT, describes:

“H33 Social Innovation Hub is not represented by an entity, but it is rather a sum of cumulated energies in an uncertain urban site. Therefore, H33 demonstrates the real potential of a space in the state of transition, between two states of conventional use: the former Cognac Factory and the future one, (perhaps) housing.  The unconventional use, currently defined by the amount of H33-hosted activities steps from conventional ones: upholstery, PVC joinery, construction, warehouses, to the most innovative ones: adventure and event organizers – resonant energies which are involved in cultural events in the city of Cluj-Napoca. Although there is not a well-defined destination for H33 yet, this particular space has proven that is ready to re-enter the real estate circuit.

H33 ULG2

Temporary use is a good tool for demonstrating the value that these spaces have for cities in terms of cultural development. H33 wants to be an invitation for the owners, the public administration and the potentially users to be more innovative in using post- industrial heritage.”


Post by Miruna Draghia of Urbasofia


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