Magazines? Why magazines?

Reports often have the unfortunate tendency to finish quickly their lives in forgotten drawers. Reports are also mainly read by reports-readers and don’t reach broader audiences. Finally, reports tend to assume that communication is mainly based on written linear language contrasting with nowadays explosion of interactive visual information.

REFILL is publishing 6 thematic magazines in an attempt to turn upside-down reports’ contradictions listed above: it is a temporary media that may last longer than a magazine. It is welcoming and addressing a large range of readers including reports-readers. It focuses on a thematic issue like a magazine special edition offering multiple entry points, technical content, lessons learned, insights for cities but also stories, testimonies,  experiences and pictures to flip through!

We hope you will enjoy it.

Urban labs and strategic Temporary Use


A wind of renewal of public action is blowing on administrations at all levels of governance in Europe and beyond. Among the ingredients of this new wind is generally the user approach, immersion work, co-creation with the stakeholders and of course experimentation: prototyping or, more precisely, mock-up of a new public policy to explore its potential, confront it with current usages, try it before adopting it and, if necessary, deploy it. These different stages inspired by design thinking if they seem a supposed approach nevertheless pose a number of problems in their implementation. In particular, experimentation implies being able to simulate a public policy in order to try it out. And if experimentation is natural in the process of developing a new product, it seems to be a challenge when it comes to mock-up a new public service or a new urban development.

This sixth and last edition of the REFILL thematic review focuses on the Temporary Use as an experimental tool for urban redevelopment, on its strategic use on the urban scale, on the “urban laboratories” which allow experimenting and reinventing the city.


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