How can cities provide practical support to temporary use initiatives? That question is the focus of this third REFILL magazine.

How can initiatives be supported and adopt the right temporary posture, in order to benefit from temporary use? Could this support be practical? Can they generate temporary use charters and codes of conduct? Why not providing temporary use coaching to make temporality an asset instead of behaving as a quasi-permanency?

The REFILL city partners have experienced all of these:

  • The ZZZ agency in Bremen (Germany) and the Policy Participation Unit in Ghent (Belgium) provide the little help of a friend…;
  • Plantage 9 e.v. in Bremen (Germany), Government acoustic isolation through the Fund for temporary use in Ghent (Belgium), the Taczaka street terraces closing at 21:00 in Poznan (Poland), these are all examples of the ways to be flexible, while creating rules and bending them; and,
  • De War in Amersfoort (Netherlands) and Aire38 with Les Badauds Associés in Nantes (France) highlight that we are all temporary users in a fluid society.

Have a good read!