The art of being temporary user and temporary host…

The temporary use of spaces is not inscribed in our genes: the Homo sapiens sapiens is seeking to nest and that without any temporal limit.

This natural inclination to stability explains the tendency of any temporary user of a space to secretly hope that the temporary use will not be dislodged from the place where it is installed. Paradoxically. Pushed by the aspiration to permanence and confronted with the temporary availability of the space, why is the temporary user not worrying more about what will happen once the period of temporary use is terminated?

This 5th REFILL Magazine explores the notion of transitional or transformative temporary use. How can initiatives accommodated under temporary conditions anticipate what will happen next? How can they rebound after the period of temporary use? And how can they conserve or transform their gains and the social, ecological, economic, etc. benefits produced?

Enjoy the reading!